Asadov Kamran 2a Imran Qasimov st., Baku, Azerbaijan Mobile: +(99455) 541-09-76 Email: OBJECTIVE To obtain a backend or full-stack developer position in web-development company or any other business or venture that can utilize my technical skills, common sense and breadth of views to develop new services and products, improve existing ones, assist other team members, engage in new challenges and learning experiences. SUMMARY of QUALIFICATIONS Experience in backend and frontend web-development. Self-motivated, capable of working independently. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Transfer booking service. Our client wanted to build an online transfer service in Baku. I was responsible for the frontend part of the website including overall design. I did HTML markup and CSS styling. Bootstrap 3 was used for layout. I was responsible for UI design and  programming. Javascript was used extensively with a little help of the jQuery library. I also used some javascript widgets (datepickers, phone country codes, etc.). The integral part of the service stands on the shoulders of Google Maps Directions API which i used to measure distance between locations and for other calculations. We worked as a team with a backend developer. Website runs on PHP Yii2 Framework and is still a work in progress. Private clinic. This is a website powered by Joomla! 3 CMS. I was responsible for installing the cms to the server, adding content, setting up corporative email addresses using zoho email server and overall administration of the website. Accommodation and tours booking service. This website runs on vanilla PHP.  The frontend part is a ready-made html template. In this project i was responsible for developing the backend of the application and PHP programming, setting up the website, making changes to the html template, setting up email services and etc. Website runs with the help of twig template engine. The website doesn't use any DMBS, instead it uses JSON for delivering the data. It is still a work in progress as we aim for adding new features and etc. EDUCATION Russian State University For The Humanities (2011-2015), Moscow, Russia Machine Learning and Intellectual Systems, Bachelor